To guarantee a recovery in the event of disruption at your source site, you should test a placeholder virtual machine to ensure its integrity is intact.

Verify that a test network was configured.

See About Networks for Dedicated Disaster Recovery for information.

You have the correct user permissions to perform the test.


Click the Virtual Machines tab.

The table of virtual machines appears.


Select the virtual machine placeholder you want to test and click Test or Actions > Test.


A confirmation dialog box appears.


Click Yes to continue.


Follow the prompts to failover the virtual machine(s) with a point-in-time date/time.

vSphere Replication configures the placeholder virtual machine for testing and uses the data that is copied on the target site at the point-in-time that you select from the list.

During test recovery, the Dedicated Disaster Recovery service does not create a copy of the recovered virtual machine. Testing a placeholder creates a test virtual machine using replicated data, reconfigures the test virtual machine to connect to the test network, and applies guest customization to the virtual machine so that you can log in and verify the replication progress.