The vCloud Air™ – Dedicated Disaster Recovery User's Guide provides information about the vCloud Air Dedicated Disaster Recovery solution (hereafter, referred to as Dedicated Disaster Recovery) from VMware® available as of February 2017.

This guide explains how to use the single-tenant Dedicated Disaster Recovery to manage virtual machines replicated from your source site to the cloud as well as from the cloud back to your source site. This guide provides information in two parts:

The first part of this guide provides an overview of Dedicated Disaster Recovery and how to configure and manage it by using the Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM), the vSphere Web Client, and the vCloud Air User Interface (UI).

The second part of this guide explains how to perform the Dedicated Disaster Recovery tasks in vCloud Air.

This guide documents the tasks for disaster recovery administrators who are responsible for configuring and managing disaster recovery from their source sites to Dedicated Disaster Recovery. This guide documents the capabilities and tasks that you do using the vCloud Air UI.

In addition to reading this guide, see the following documentation for complete information about using Dedicated Disaster Recovery:

vCloud Air – Dedicated Disaster Recovery Release Notes for new features and known issues related to Dedicated Disaster Recovery.

vCloud Air User's Guide for general information about managing your virtual machines in the cloud.

vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services Guide, including Direct Connect for vCloud Air for general information about configuring networking for virtual machines in the cloud.

vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager Guide for information on installing the HCM, including Proximity Routing and Stretching a Layer 2 Network to vCloud Air.

vSphere Replication for Disaster Recovery to Cloud for information about using the vSphere Web Client to manage Dedicated Disaster Recovery from your source site.

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