When you subscribe to Dedicated Disaster Recovery, you use the vCloud Air UI to monitor and manage the virtual machines you are replicating to the cloud.

After setting up virtual machines for replication, use the vCloud Air UI to monitor and manage the replication and recovery for those virtual machines; for example, testing a recovery or performing a recovery to a placeholder virtual machine in the event of a disruption at the source site.

After replication from the source site begins, you can modify the network and customization settings configured for the placeholder virtual machine. Other settings for a placeholder virtual machine are not available before you recover the virtual machine to the cloud. After you recover a virtual machine to the cloud, it has the same capability that the virtual machine had at the source site.

When a virtual machine powers on as a result of a test or recovery, its operation in vCloud Air is subject to the following runtime leases:

Virtual machines powered on during a disaster recovery test—7 business day lease

Virtual machines powered on after being recovered to the cloud—30 day lease

Clicking on Disaster Recovery displays your new disaster recovery-enabled VDC, where you can replicate your on-premises virtual machines in to this VDC, perform test and recovery failovers, as well as reverse replications. To view the lease times for a test or recovered virtual machine in vCloud Air, go to the Disaster Recovery > Virtual Machines tab > Test/Recovery Time column. The Test/Recovery Time column shows the time since a test or recovery, displayed using the local time of the browser time zone.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery Service