This section provides an overview of the Dedicated Disaster Recovery architecture and it's key components.

Below is a high-level diagram of the service.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery Architecture

The left-hand side block contains your on-premises components:

Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM), which orchestrates Cloud Gateway (CGW) and WAN Opt to provide better performance

HCM CGW, which provides the data plane connectivity

vCenter, and

vSphere Replication Appliance.

The right-hand side block contains your cloud components:

Hybrid DMZ, consisting of the different services provided over the Org Edge Gateways, such as Firewall, Load Balancer, VPNs

vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud

vCloud Air provides L2 stretching from your on-premises site to the cloud and the networks that are available on-premises are also available on the cloud. Virtual machines on your on-premises data center can be seamlessly replicated with the help of Dedicated Disaster Recovery and there is no need to re-IP or make any changes when disaster strikes. You can recover your virtual machines to vCloud Air Dedicated Disaster Recovery and use the Backup Routes (BGP) to inform about the workloads that are now available on the cloud.

Proximity Routing is a networking feature you can enable when you configure the CGW in HCM. It ensures that replications between virtual machines connected to stretched and routed networks, both on-premises and in the cloud, is symmetrical. IP-renumbering is not required after recovery and you can retain the MAC address while configuring replication. By default, "Retain MAC" is enabled if the source virtual machine is in a stretched network, and disabled when the network is not stretched.

Virtual machine stretched-network recovery (triggered on start of replication) runs on HCM. If a stretched network is pre-configured then virtual machines that are connected to the stretched networks will recover on the stretched network.

Proximity Routing for Dedicated Disaster Recovery

For more information, see MAC Address Retention and Proximity Routing.