Using vSphere Replication you can reverse replicate (failover) a recovered outgoing replication and start copying data from the cloud to your on-premises data center (source site).

If you replicated virtual machines from your on-premises data center to the cloud and recovered those virtual machines in the cloud for use while your on-premises data center was being maintained (or in the event of a disaster), once your on-premises data center is back online, you can synchronize the changes from the cloud to on-premises, or migrate the virtual machine from the cloud back to your on-premises data center.

Verify that Dedicated Disaster Recovery is available and connected to your on-premises data center.

Verify the status of the replication you want to reverse is Recovered.

vSphere version is 6.1


Login to vSphere Web Client.


Under vSphere Replication tab, click Monitor > Outgoing Replications.


In the list of outgoing replications, select the replication that you want to reverse, and click the Reverse replication icon.

The replication status must be Recovered.


If the connection between your cloud and on-premises is lost, you will be prompted to enter the cloud provider address, organization name, and login credentials.


Review the settings and click OK.

The source virtual machine on the source site is unregistered from the inventory and becomes inaccessible until you recover the replication. vSphere Replication starts synchronizing data from the cloud to your on-premises environment.


The reversed replication is removed from the list of outgoing replications and appears in the list of incoming replications.

If the virtual machine in cloud is powered Off the replication status will be shown as Not Active until the virtual machine is powered On. After the Initial Full Sync is complete the replication status changes to OK.


After reverse replication is complete, the recovery Status of the virtual machine in the Dedicated Disaster Recovery UI will be Reverse Replication in Progress and the replication Status will be shown as Success.