When disaster recovery is no longer required for a virtual machine, you can stop the virtual machine replication to vCloud Air.

Stop the replication by using the vSphere Web Client at the source site. See Stop a Replication Task in vSphere Replication 6.0 for Disaster Recovery to Cloud for information.

Stopping a replication from the source site, removes the replication data from the source site and the cloud when both sites are connected.

If the cloud is offline when you stop a replication from the source site, the Dedicated Disaster Recovery service does not remove the replication data from vCloud Air. You must manually remove the replication from vCloud Air.


Use caution when removing a placeholder virtual machine from vCloud Air because placeholders are not protected in vCloud Air from accidental deletion.

You have the correct user permissions to remove the replication.


Click the Replication Status tab.

The list of virtual machines along with their replication status appears.


Select the checkbox next to the virtual machine that you want to remove.


Click Remove replication.

A confirmation dialog box appears.


Click Continue.

The placeholder virtual machine is deleted from the list in the Replication Status tab and all replication data is deleted from the cloud storage.