You can configure and edit alarms to alert you when a specific vSphere Replication events occur. For example, you may configure an alarm to trigger if the replication status of a virtual machine changes after you configure that virtual machine for replication.

Using the steps listed below, you can configure an alarm for the virtual machines in your vCenter if their Replication Status changes to RPO Violation.


Select the vSphere Replication Appliance.


Click Manage > Alarm Definitions.

Depending on the inventory object selected different alarm definitions are displayed.


Click the green + sign to create alarms based on triggered events.

The New Alarm Definition wizard opens.


Enter an Alarm name, Description, and select Virtual Machines from the 'Monitor' drop-down.


Click Next.


Select specific event occurring on this object... from the Monitor for options.


Select Enable this alarm checkbox.


Click on the Add (+) and select RPO violated from the Event drop-down list and set the status to Alert.


Add second event RPO restored to clear the alarm when Replication become OK and set the Status to Normal.


Choose the Action method and click Finish. In this example, an email is sent as a notification when the alarm is triggered.

The new alarm is created and is triggered when an RPO violation occurs on any of the virtual machines in the selected vCenter.


Reports are available via the vSphere Web Client to show transferred bytes, RPO violations and relocated virtual machine count.