You can initiate tests from the vSphere Web Client at your on-premises data center (source site) or from the vCloud Air UI.

Test recoveries allow you to verify that source data is replicated correctly on the target site. When you initiate a replication task to the cloud, a placeholder virtual machine is created on the target virtual data center. Initiating tests from the vCloud Air UI is necessary when your source site is unavailable and you may want to run a final test recovery.

The following conditions apply to testing recoveries:

When you invoke a test from your source site, you have the option to synchronize data between the source site and the cloud before creating the test recovery. This option is not available when initiating a test from vCloud Air.

Initiating a test from the cloud creates a test recovery using replicated virtual machine data, re-configures the virtual machine to connect to the test network, and applies guest customization.

Testing a recovery does not affect services at the source site.

While a test recovery runs, the Dedicated Disaster Recovery service continues to replicate data from the virtual machines at your source site configured for protection to vCloud Air.


Your subscription for the Dedicated Disaster Recovery service requires your coordination with VMware Global Support Services when testing recoveries for virtual machines in vCloud Air. Contact your Global Support Services representative for information.

For information about testing a recovery, see Test a Recovery. A successful test recovery powers on the virtual machine. When you perform a test, the Recovery Status changes from Placeholder to Test Complete.