VMware® vCloud Air™ - Dedicated Disaster Recovery is a single-tenant, dedicated cloud-based solution that offers greater security and control. You can recover business-critical applications quickly and scale your protection capacity to meet variable demands.

These release notes describe new features and fixes in vCloud Air™ - Dedicated Disaster Recovery solution (hereafter, referred to as Dedicated Disaster Recovery), which is generally available to customers as of February 2017.

It allows you to seamlessly integrate and manage on-premises and cloud networks as a single network. Your virtual machines can move over stretched network without the need to configure MAC, IP, or manual routing updates after migration.

The key components of this solution are vCloud Air's Dedicated Cloud platform and Hybrid Cloud Manager (HCM).

The important features of this solution are:

Higher Availability

Dedicated instances available for replications

Better WAN pipe management (failover with multiple direct connects)

Better Performance

Improved user interface (UI)

Better concurrency

Better throughput, as the hybrid networking enables performance boost with help of WAN-OPT


If the Distributed Virtual Port Group is stretched to the cloud, then virtual machines will automatically recover over the stretched network.

IP renumbering is not required after recovery since the service comes with Proximity Routing

Partial failover can be addressed

In addition to the Release Notes, see the following documentation:

vCloud Air™ Dedicated Disaster Recovery User's Guide, for information on using Dedicated Disaster Recovery.

vCloud Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager Installation and Administration Guide, for information on installing HCM.

vCloud Air™ Hybrid Cloud Manager Release Notes, for information on HCM Known Issues.