The following issues are known to occur while using Dedicated Disaster Recovery:

UI not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser version 11

If you use IE 11, the login page is displayed. However, when you enter your credentials and click login, the page hangs.

Workaround: The IE browser is not supported. Use the browser versions listed under Supported Browsers.

Replication sync failures on a second virtual data center

If you have created multiple virtual data centers with individual Cloud Gateway's (CGW) deployed for each, and then you configure a virtual machine for replication in any of virtual data centers, except the first one created, by default, the replication gets routed through the CGW of first virtual data center, thereby failing to do a full sync.

Recommendation: Up to 1,000 virtual machines are supported on a single Service Identifier (SID). If you need more than 1,000 virtual machines, you need to purchase a new SID.