The vCHS platform APIs provide operations for the first services delivered for vCloud Air (formerly vCloud Hybrid Service), namely, Dedicated Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud, and Disaster Recovery services, which are all subscription-based services


VMware is moving toward convergence of the vCloud Air services on a commonvCloud Air platform architecture, meaning that some of the subscription services now utilize the vCHS platform APIs or the vCA platform APIs. See vCloud Air Platform APIs Available Per Service for information. See also the Quick Start for Virtual Private Cloud in Germany and Australia for information about the Virtual Private Cloud subscription service operating on the Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand platform.

The vCHS platform includes API operations to log in and retrieve the details of available virtual data centers. Each virtual data center is a consumption unit; meaning actions occur within a virtual data center, such as deploying a virtual machine or configuring a network.

The vCHS platform API workflow consists of connecting to the vCHS API endpoint ( , querying the virtual data centers and services that are available. The returned information for each virtual data center includes a link called the vCloud Director API URL (also called the vCloud endpoint) and a vCloud session token.

The obtained vCloud endpoint and session token allow you to access the vCloud API for your client to programmatically connect to the virtual data center. With those credentials, you can call the vCloud API to automate virtual machine management without needing to provide credentials again or store them in memory.

After you authenticate and retrieve a vCloud endpoint programmatically, a handoff occurs from the vCHS platform APIs to the APIs for the vCloud Air subscription service. Obtaining the vCloud endpoint provides access through the API to the virtual data center so that your clients and the tools that integrate with the vCloud API can access that virtual data center.

See also Link Relationships in the Object Types for information.