Welcome to the programmer's documentation for vCloud Air.

Built on the trusted foundation of vSphere, vCloud Air is a public cloud platform that includes services such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings. The vCloud Air platform governs the various services and provides common features such as identity and access management, service discovery, and billing and metering.

Customers can manage their cloud resources by using the vCloud Air Web UIs, CLIs, and VMware APIs. (For information about CLI access, see the vCloud Air Developer Community.)

You can manage each vCloud Air service programmatically by utilizing the APIs for a platform for common management tasks (such as authentication and service discovery) and APIs unique for that service.

The following vCloud Air platforms include APIs for common management tasks:

vCHS Platform APIs: This API surface is focused on managing compute services like vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud.

vCA Platform APIs: This API surface is service agnostic and supports many of the newer and forthcoming vCloud Air service offerings, including vCloud Air Object Storage and Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

The following table maps each vCloud Air service to the platform you utilize for common management tasks:

vCloud Air Platform APIs Available Per Service

vCloud Air Service

API Platforms

Dedicated Cloud


Virtual Private Cloud (subscription)

Both vCA and vCHS

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand


Disaster Recovery

Both vCA and vCHS

vCloud Air Object Storage


See the following documentation to learn about the vCloud Air APIs per service:

See this documentation…

To learn how to…

vCloud Air Platform Programmer's Guide, 5.7

Build client applications that discover and access vCloud Air (such as Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand), manage users for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, and automate resource usage metering and billing

vCloud Air Compute Service Programming Guide, 9.0

Build client applications that access the API endpoint for the vCloud Compute service, which exposes compute (vRAM and vCPU resources for virtual machines), storage, and networking functionality in the public cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis

vCloud Air Platform Programmer's Guide, 5.6

Build interactive clients for the Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud services of vCloud Air by using version 5.6 of the API

vCloud API Programming Guide, 5.6

Build interactive clients to manage your public cloud infrastructure for your Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud services of vCloud Air

See the following API documentation for these vCloud Air services:

vCloud API Reference Documentation for information about the APIs for vCloud Air Disaster Recovery

Access the Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform Service for information about the APIs vCloud Air Object Storage