Retrieving read-only metering and billing information for your Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account by using the APIs for the vCloud Air Compute Service and vCloud Air Platform APIs uses the following workflow:


Issue a login request that supplies user credentials in the MIME Base64 encoding format as specified in RFC 1421.

See Log In and Receive Access Token for information.


To access the vCloud Compute Service, discover the instance accessible to you in Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand.

See List Available Plans and Instances for information.


Access the Compute Service through the vCloud API.

See Access the vCloud API Through the vCloud Compute Service in vCloud Air in the vCloud Air Compute Service Programming Guide for information.


Issue a request to get the virtual data center attributes for the Org you have logged into.

See Find a Catalog and a VDC in the vCloud Air Compute Service Programming Guide for information.

The response contains the virtual data center ID you need for the metering API GET operations. The response also contains the vApp Container href to navigate to specific virtual machines for which to get metering data.


Retrieve a virtual machine ID by using the discovered virtual machine href.

See Deploying and Operating vApps and Virtual Machines in the vCloud Air Compute Service Programming Guide.


Issue a metering GET operation to retrieve resource usage data for the virtual data center or virtual machine you have navigated to.

See Summary of Metering and Billing Requests for information.