The vCloud Air Platform APIs provides support for developers who are building interactive clients of vCloud Air using a RESTful application development style.

vCloud Air clients and vCloud Air servers communicate over HTTP, exchanging representations of vCloud Air objects. These representations take the form of XML elements. vCloud Air clients make HTTP requests to the server and retrieve the information the clients need from the server's responses.

Customers manage and consume Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand resources by using public APIs. The public APIs provide management of cloud resources including virtual data center management, configuration of network services, and virtual machine instance lifecycle management, as well as access to resource usage metrics.

Complete programmatic access to the VMware APIs for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand is accomplished by utilizing the following VMware APIs:

vCloud Air Platform APIs, version 5.7: Build client applications that discover and access vCloud Air services (such as Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand), manage users for Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand, and automate resource usage metering and billing.

In addition to this guide, see the vCloud Air Platform APIs Schema Reference , 5.7.

vCloud Air Compute Service APIs: Build client applications that access the API endpoint for the vCloud Compute Service, which exposes compute (vRAM and vCPU resources for virtual machines), storage, and networking functionality in the public cloud on a pay-as-you-go basis.

For information, see the following documentation:

vCloud Air Compute Service Programming Guide (API Version 9.0)

vCloud API 9.0 Schema Reference