The examples in this guide of HTTP requests and responses illustrate the workflow and content that is associated with automating login to vCloud Air, user management, and obtaining metering data for resource usage.


The vCloud Air Platform APIs support XML and JSON data input and output formats. This programmer's guide provides examples for requests and responses by using JSON and XML format interchangeably.

Example request headers follow these conventions:

Header names and values are case-insensitive, and can be submitted or returned in any character case.

HTTP headers (such as Date, Content-Length, and Server) are omitted when they are not relevant to the specifics of the example.

Example responses follow these conventions:

Responses show only those elements and attributes that are relevant to the operation being explained. Ellipses (…) indicate omitted content within responses.

Object IDs shown in href attribute values appear as small integers, for example vca-2 for compute-uuid or vdc-7 for vdc-uuid. In the API, object IDs are universal unique identifiers (UUIDs) as defined by RFC 4122, for example f5e185a4-7c00-41f1-8b91-0e552d538101.