You can edit and delete only the user-defined firewall rules that were added to an edge gateway. You cannot edit or delete an auto-generated rule or the default rule.


Log in to vCloud Air and navigate to the vCloud Edge Gateway Services UI.

See Log In and Navigate to Advanced Networking Services for information.


Click the Firewall tab.

The table of configured rules for the edge gateway firewall appears.

Disable a rule by clicking disable, or enable a rule by clicking enable rule.

Edit a rule by clicking edit.


The default firewall rule for an edge gateway blocks all incoming traffic. You can change the default action and logging settings. Default firewall settings apply to traffic that does not match any of the user-defined firewall rules.

Delete a rule by clicking Delete icon.

Move a rule up or down in the Firewall table. See Change the Order of a Gateway Firewall Rule.

Hide generated rules or pre rules (rules added on the centralized Firewall tab) by clicking Hide Generated rules or Hide Pre rules.

Search for rules by typing text in the Search field.

Display additional columns in the rule table by clicking select columns and selecting the appropriate columns.

Column Name

Information Displayed

Rule Tag

Unique system generated ID for each rule


Whether traffic for this rule is being logged


Clicking stats shows the traffic related to this rule (traffic packets and size)


Comments for the rule


Click Publish Changes.