Upgrade an edge gateway in your vCloud Air deployment to use the new Advanced Networking Services features and functionality.

You upgrade to Advanced Networking Services on a gateway-by-gateway basis. Meaning, you select which edge gateways to upgrade and during the upgrade process, you can continue to operate edge gateways using the existing VMware network technology. See the vCloud Air Networking Guide for information.

When you upgrade an edge gateway to Advanced Networking Services, the edge gateway configuration is maintained through the upgrade. For example, if you configured firewall rules or load balancing, the edge gateway will maintain the firewall settings and be configured for load balancing after the upgrade.


After upgrading an edge gateway, you cannot revert the edge gateway to its previous state. Also, if you are an API user, the APIs change post-upgrade to use the new features and functionality.

To upgrade an edge gateway to Advanced Networking Services, you must meet these prerequisites:

You have a license for Advanced Networking Services. Contact your VMware Customer Success Team representative for information. If you have not obtained a license, upgrading an edge gateway does not succeed.

You have subscribed to a vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud or a Virtual Private Cloud subscription service and have configured networking using the basic networking features.


Go to https://vca.vmware.com and log in to vCloud Air using your user name and password.

The VMware vCloud Air services page appears.


Click the My Subscriptions tile.

The VMware vCloud Air Dashboard appears.


Click the Gateways tab and click the tile for the gateway you want to upgrade.


Click Manage in vCloud Director.

vCloud Director opens in a new browser tab and the Org VDC Networks tab is displayed.


Click the Edge Gateways tab.

The gateways located in the virtual data center appear.


Click the gateway that you want to upgrade, right click, and select Convert to Advanced Networking.

The Convert to advanced networking dialog box appears. The dialog box provides information about upgrading to the new APIs for Advanced Networking Services.


If the option Convert to Advanced Networking is unavailable, the edge gateway has already been upgraded or you do not have a license for this operation.


Click Yes to proceed with the upgrade.

The upgrade can take a few minutes to finish in vCloud Director.

Before you upgrade an edge gateway, the vCloud Air Web UI has the following functionality available for you to configure these basic networking functions:

vCloud Air Air Gateway Before Upgrade
vCloud Air Gateway Before Upgrade

After you upgrade an edge gateway, the networking functionality available in the vCloud Air Web UI changes.

vCloud Air Gateway After Upgrade
vCloud Air Gateway After Upgrade

After an upgrade, the tabs for configuring NAT and firewall rules are moved to thevCloud Director Web UI to match the NSX user experience. Click Manage in vCloud Director to navigate to the Advanced Networking Services UI where you configure those functions (and others) for your vCloud Air environment.

vCloud Air maintains your existing, pre-upgrade network configuration after the upgrade.