Add a server that the remote user can connect to via a Web browser.

Configuring a Web resource allows a user to access the published Web resource without the need to install an SSL client locally. Web access in SSL VPN-Plus is a way to share internal resources (such as CRM, Sharepoint data, and other Web applications) through the SSL VPN-Plus interface.

Adding a Web resource to your SSL VPN-Plus configuration is optional. You can configure SSL VPN-Plus so that remote users only have access to specified private networks. However, if you choose to provide direct access (through a Web browser) to a Web resource, you must complete all SSL VPN-Plus configuration steps. See About Configuring SSL VPN-Plus for information.


Log in to vCloud Air and navigate to the vCloud Edge Gateway Services UI.

See Log In and Navigate to Advanced Networking Services for information.


Click the SSL VPN-Plus tab and Web Resource.


Click the Add (Add icon) icon.

The Add Web Resource dialog box appears.


Configure the following options as required:




Type the name for the Web resource.


Type the URL of the Web resource that you want the remote user to access.

HTTP Method

(Optional) Depending on whether the remote user wants to read from or write to the Web resource, select the HTTP method.

HTTP Query

(Optional) Type the GET or POST query parameters.


(Optional) Type a description for the Web resource. This description is displayed on the Web portal when the remote user accesses the Web resource.


(Optional) Select Enable to enable the Web resource. The Web resource must be enabled for the remote user to access it.


Click OK.