vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services, powered by the VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform, offer enhanced security controls and routing, and network scaling capabilities in the cloud.

Using vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services, customers can achieve unprecedented security and isolation in a public cloud. Advanced Networking Services deliver the following benefits:

Dynamic Routing: Support routing protocols such as Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) to simplify network integration between on-premises and cloud-based environment, providing redundancy and continuity in cloud-hosted application deployment.

Fine-grained network security and isolation: Support the use of object-based rule definitions to provide stateful network traffic isolation without requiring multiple virtual networks. Unique in the public cloud market, this "zero trust" security model prevents intruders from gaining full network access if an application or virtual machine is compromised. Advanced Networking Services dramatically simplify network configuration by using the same network security policies to protect applications on-premises and in the cloud and extend your zero trust security model for portable security no matter where an application is deployed.

More Advanced Networking Services: Enhanced VPN support for point-to-site (IPsec VPN) and user (SSL VPN) connectivity, enhanced load balancing for HTTPS, and expanded network scalability.


Advanced Networking Services includes two types of firewalls: the edge gateway firewall and the firewall to establish Trust Groups (called a distributed firewall in the Advanced Networking Services Web UI). Configuring the edge gateway firewall is available for both Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud subscription services. However, configuring the firewall to establish Trust Groups is possible only when you have the vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud subscription service. For more information about the differences between these firewalls, see Types of Firewalls in vCloud Air.