You access the Advanced Networking Services Web UI on a per edge gateway basis. After you upgrade an edge gateway to Advanced Networking Services, have access to all the advanced networking features for that edge gateway.

You can still use the VMware vCloud Air Web UI to configure basic networking features for your VMware vCloud Air environment, such as creating networks, assigning virtual machines to networks, and allocating IP addresses to your edge gateways. See the vCloud Air Networking Guide for information about using the basic network features.

To access Advanced Networking Services for an edge gateway, you must meet these prerequisites:

Sign into your vCloud Air subscription service by using a supported browser. See Supported Browsers for vCloud Air in the vCloud Air User's Guide for information.

Have upgraded the edge gateway that you want to access to Advanced Networking Services. See Upgrade an Edge Gateway To Advanced Networking Services for information.


Go to and log in to vCloud Air using your user name and password.

If you are logging in to vCloud Air for the first time, see Sign In to vCloud Air in the vCloud Air User's Guide for information.

The VMware vCloud Air services page appears.


Click the My Subscriptions tile.

The VMware vCloud Air Dashboard appears.


Click the Gateways tab and click the tile for the gateway you want to mange.


Click Manage in vCloud Director.

vCloud Director opens in a new browser tab and the Org VDC Networks tab is displayed.


Click the Edge Gateways tab.

The gateways located in the virtual data center appear.


Select the gateway, right click and select Edge Gateway Services.

VMware vCloud Edge Gateway Services appears in a new browser tab. By default, the Dashboard tab is selected.

vCloud Edge Gateway Services


If the edge gateway has not been upgraded, selecting Edge Gateway Services displays the vCloud Director edge gateway UI. Additionally, when you right click and display the edge gateway menu, you see that the option Convert to Advanced Networking is available, indicating that the edge gateway has not been upgraded to Advanced Networking Services.


Select a tab to configure that advanced networking feature.


To access the Trust Group feature, navigate to the virtual data center and manage the firewall settings. See Add a Trust Groups Firewall Rule for information.


Advanced Networking Services includes two types of firewalls—the edge gateway firewall and the firewall to establish Trust Groups (referred to as a distributed firewall in the Advanced Networking Services Web UI). Configuring the edge gateway firewall is available for both Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud subscription services. However, configuring the firewall to establish Trust Groups is possible only when you have the vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud subscription service.