Advanced Networking Servicessupports the ability to collect information about traffic coming to and from edge gateways through the use of a syslog server.

Collecting log data is a multi-step process:

Enable logging for the features for which you need log data. Each feature documented in this programmer's guide includes elements to enable logging. See the schema reference topics per feature.

Configure a syslog server to receive the log data.


Log in to vCloud Air as an administrator. See Log in to vCloud Air for information.


Create a login session with vCloud Director. See Create a Session for a Virtual Data Center in a Service for information.


Using the vCloud API, query vCloud Director for the ID of the edge gateway you require routing configuration details about. See Querying the vCloud API for information.


The syslog server should be connected to a network that is accessible to the edge gateway. You can configure the syslog server to be within the vCloud Air environment on a Routed Organization network. Alternatively, you can host the syslog server on-premises and make it accessible to the vCloud Air environment through an encrypted tunnel.


To configure the syslog server, perform the following steps:


Submit a PUT request using the following request header:


In the request header, include the OATH token and the Accept header that you obtained when creating a login session:

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
X-Vcloud-Authorization: vcloud-auth-token

Include the following elements in the request body:

"type": "object",
"version" : "number",
"enabled" : true|false,
"serverAddresses" : [ {
      "ipAddress" : "string",
    }, ]

Where ipAddress is an array.


To list the current syslog server configuration, submit a GET request using the following request header:



To delete the current syslog server configuration, submit a DELETE request using the following request header: