The Advanced Networking Services Programmer's Guide for vCloud Air provides information about the Advanced Networking Services APIs.

This guide provides information about the API for developers who create clients for use with Advanced Networking Services. In particular, this guide provides example requests and responses, and reference information on the XML and JSON schemas for Advanced Networking Services that define the request and response bodies.

This guide is intended for software developers who are building interactive clients of Advanced Networking Services. This guide discusses Representational State Transfer (REST) and RESTful programming conventions, and Advanced Networking Services technology. You must be familiar with these and other widely deployed technologies such as JSON, XML, HTTP, and the Windows or Linux operating system.

The Advanced Networking Services User's Guide and the vCloud Air Platform Programmer's Guide, version 5.6 contain detailed information about many of the objects and operations referred to in this guide.

See the following publications:

vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services Guide

vCloud Air Platform Programmer's Guide, version 5.6

vCloud Air API Schema Reference, version 5.6

vCloud API Programming Guide, version 5.6

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