Advanced Networking Services includes functionality to create grouping objects for use when configuring the edge gateway firewall and the distributed firewall. Additionally, you can use grouping objects when configuring the server pool for the load balancer.


The Advanced Networking Services Web UI refers to application groups as service groups and services.


Log in to vCloud Air as an administrator. See Log in to vCloud Air for information.


Create a login session with vCloud Director. See Create a Session for a Virtual Data Center in a Service for information.

To get the details about the application groups configured for an edge gateway, issue the following request:


In the request header, include the OATH token and the Accept header that you obtained when creating a login session:

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
X-Vcloud-Authorization: "vcloud-auth-token"

If the request is successful, the server returns HTTP response code 200 and the details of the application groups configuration.