Before you can use the Advanced Networking Services API to manage an edge gateway, you must meet the following prerequisites:

You have subscribed to a vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud subscription service and have configured networking using the basic networking features.

You have a license for Advanced Networking Services. Contact your VMware Customer Success Team representative for information.

You have upgraded the edge gateway in your vCloud Air deployment to leverage the new Advanced Networking Services features and functionality. See Upgrade an Edge Gateway to Advanced Networking Services in the vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services Guide for information.

You are assigned an administrative role that has permission to configure networking for vCloud Air and has permission to access the APIs for vCloud Air, vCloud, and Advanced Networking Services.

For information about the roles for the APIs, see Roles for the APIs for Cloud Automation in the vCloud Air Platform Programmer's Guide.

You know the ID of the target gateway that you are programmatically managing by using the Advanced Networking Services API.

For information about obtaining an edge gateway ID, see Querying the vCloud API.