You can use the Advanced Networking Services API to creates a single or multiple certificates.

You can create, install, and manage self-signed server certificates.


Log in to vCloud Air as an administrator. See Log in to vCloud Air for information.


Create a login session with vCloud Director. See Create a Session for a Virtual Data Center in a Service for information.


Using the vCloud API, query vCloud Director for the ID of the edge gateway where you want to create the certificate.


Verify that you have a CA certificate so that you can sign your own certificates. By adding a CA certificate, you can become an interim CA for your company. You then have the authority for signing your own certificates.

Submit the following request header and request body:


In the request header, include the OATH token and the Accept header that you obtained when creating a login session:

Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
X-Vcloud-Authorization: "vcloud-auth-token"

In the request body, include the schema elements described in CERTIFICATE – GLOBAL SETTINGS and CERTIFICATE – x.509 CERTIFICATE SETTINGS (x509Certificates – Array). For an example of the schema elements, see Example: Request and Response to Get Certificates.

The server returns status 204 NO CONTENT in the response header. The server does not return a response body.

Attach the certificate to the SSL VPN-Plus or IPsec VPN tunnels as required.