A fabric administrator with business group manager privileges can import a reserved physical machine while retaining its current operating system. The fabric administrator then becomes the machine's owner.

The Import option brings a reserved machine under vCloud Automation Center management while retaining its current operating system. The Import option is not available for an unprovisioned Cisco UCS physical machine with no associated service profile.

If a mismatch exists between the imported machine and the blueprint you select, for example a different amount of memory or number of CPUs, the vCloud Automation Center record of the machine differs from its actual specifications until the machine is decommissioned.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a fabric administrator and as a business group manager.

Create a machine prefix.

An IaaS administrator created a fabric group with no compute resources selected, and an endpoint for the physical machine to be imported.

A tenant administrator created a business group.

Create a physical reservation and add a physical machine to it.

Create a physical blueprint.

For more information about how to prepare for importing a physical machine, see IaaS Configuration for Physical Machines.


Select Infrastructure > Machines > Reserved Machines.


Locate the reserved machine to import and select Import from its drop-down menu.


Select the blueprint to use when importing the machine.

Only blueprints in the associated business group are displayed.


Type the name for the imported machine in the Machine name text box.


(Optional) Type a comment in the Reason for request text box.


Click OK.

The machine is imported with you as owner and a status of Off.