The database administrator backs up the IaaS MSSQL Server database and the PostgreSQL database.

It is a best practice to backup MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases at as close a time to each other as possible. Using Point-in-time recovery ensures that the two databases are consistent with each other. If only one database fails, you must restore the running database to the most recent backup so that the databases are consistent.

Follow your in-house procedures to back up the IaaS MSSQL database outside of the vCloud Automation Center framework. The backup must meet the following requirements:

All Iaas Workflows are complete and all Iaas Services are stopped before backing up the database.

Back up with Point-in-Time enabled.

Back up the MSSQL database at the same time that you back up the other components.

If you are using a PostgreSQL database embedded in a vCloud Automation Center Appliance, you must backup the entire appliance by using one of the methods described in Backing Up the Identity Appliance.

A standalone PostgreSQL appliance must be backed up separately. See the VMware Knowledge Base article Migrating from external vPostgres appliance to vPostgres instance located in the vCAC appliance (2083562) at for more information.