A security passphrase is used for IaaS MSSQL database security. This passphrase is created when you install vCloud Automation Center and is used to generate an encryption key that protects the data.

The encryption key and password are saved when you perform a backup. To restore encryption, a system administrator uses the ASP.NET IIS registration tool to import the key container to the restored appliance, and the EncryptionKeyTool to apply the passphrase.

You are not required to restore encryption if you choose to reinstall a component.

For information about the ASP.NET IIS registration tool, see the Microsoft Developer Network article on this topic.


Use the Microsoft tool aspnet_regiis to restore the key container you created during backup.

The tool is located in the directory C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v4.030319.

For example:

aspnet_regiis -pi "VCACKeyContainer" "D:\tools\key.xml" –exp 

Use the EncryptionKeyTool to apply the passphrase that was created when the product was installed.