The system administrator logs into the Windows machine and follows the installation wizard to install the infrastructure components (IaaS) on the Windows virtual or physical machine.

Verify that your installation machine meets the requirements described in IaaS (Windows Server) Requirements.

Enable Time Synchronization on the Windows Server.

Verify that you have deployed and fully configured the vCloud Automation Center Appliance, and that the necessary services are running (plugin-service, catalog-service, iaas-proxy-provider).


A system administrator downloads the installer to a Windows 2008 or Windows 2012 physical or virtual machine.


The system administrator runs the installer wizard from the Windows 2008 or 2012 installation machine.


The Prerequisite Checker verifies that your machine meets IaaS installation requirements.


The system administrator specifies server and account settings for the Windows installation server and selects a SQL database server instance and authentication method.


The minimum installation installs the required Distributed Execution Managers and the default vSphere proxy agent. The system administrator can install additional proxy agents (XenServer, or Hyper-V, for example) after installation.


The system administrator installs the IaaS certificate and registers the IaaS components with the SSO.


The system administrator finishes the IaaS installation.