The system administrator installs the IaaS certificate and registers the IaaS components with the SSO.


Accept the default Server value, which is populated with the fully qualified domain name of the vCloud Automation Center Appliance server from which you downloaded the installer. Verify that a fully qualified domain name is used to identify the server and not an IP address.


Click Load to populate the value of SSO Default Tenant (vsphere.local).


Click Download to retrieve the certificate from the vCloud Automation Center Appliance.

You can click View Certificate to view the certificate details.


Select Accept Certificate to install the SSO certificate.


In the SSO Administrator panel, type administrator@vsphere.local in the User name text box and the password you defined for this user when you configured SSO in Password and Confirm password.


Accept the default in IaaS Server, which contains the host name of the Windows machine where you are installing.


Click Next.