The vCloud Automation Center Appliance is a preconfigured virtual appliance that deploys the vCloud Automation Center server and Web console (the user portal). It is delivered as an open virtualization format (OVF) template. The system administrator downloads the appliance and deploys it into the vCenter Server or ESX/ESXi inventory.

The certificate you configure for the primary instance of the appliance is copied to the load balancer and additional appliance instances in subsequent procedures.

Deploy Appliances for vCloud Automation Center.

Get a domain certificate for the vCloud Automation Center Appliance. See Certificates.

Set a Password for the PostgreSQL Database.

Configure the Identity Appliance.


Clocks on the Identity Appliance server, vCloud Automation Center server, and Windows servers must be synchronized to ensure a successful installation.


By default, the vCloud Automation Center Appliance is configured to use an embedded PostgreSQL database. For high availability and large-scale deployments, a standalone database is required.


To prepare the vCloud Automation Center Appliance for use, a system administrator configures the host settings, generates an SSL certificate, and provides SSO connection information.