A system administrator can deploy a complete vCloud Automation Center in a minimal configuration. Minimal deployments are typically used in a development environment or as a proof of concept and require fewer steps to install.

The Minimal Deployment Checklist provides a high-level overview of the sequence of tasks you must perform to complete a minimal installation.

Print out a copy of the checklist and use it to track your work as you complete the installation. Complete the tasks in the order in which they are given.

Minimal Deployment Checklist



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Plan and prepare the installation environment and verify that all installation prerequisites are met.

Preparing for Installation

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Set up your Identity Appliance

Deploy and Configure the Identity Appliance

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Set up your vCloud Automation Center Appliance

Deploy and Configure the vCloud Automation Center Appliance

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Install IaaS components on a single Windows server.

Installing IaaS Components

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Install additional agents, if required.

Installing Agents

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Perform post-installation tasks such as configuring the default tenant and entering the IaaS license

Post-Installation Tasks

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If needed, configure additional tenants to represent business units in an enterprise or companies that subscribe to cloud services from a service provider.

Configuring Additional Tenants