User roles that were supplied with the source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 system are migrated to the equivalent role in the target system.

Custom roles are not migrated. You can recreate custom roles in the target system after migration is finished.

Consider removing unnecessary users and customized roles before migration to simplify reports and decrease migration time.

Source and target Role Mapping

Source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 Role

Target vCloud Automation Center Role

vCloud Automation Center administrator

IaaS administrator

Enterprise administrator

Tenant administrator and Fabric administrator (dual role)


System administrator (administrator@vsphere.local)

Provisioning group manager

Business group manager

Provisioning group support user

Business group support user

Provisioning group user

Business group user

Fabric administrator

Tenant administrator

Based on user changes that are made in the source system, if you rerun the pre-migration task, user role data is added, updated, deleted, or unchanged in preparation for migration.


The pre-migration task prepares to migrate each fabric administrator in the source system to a tenant administrator role in the target system. If you remove a fabric administrator user from the source system and then rerun the pre-migration task, that user is not removed from the target data. Unlike other role types, when you rerun the pre-migration tasks, tenant administrator users can only be added or updated in preparation for migration.