You run the migration task to finish the process of migrating your source data to the target vCloud Automation Center 6.1 system.

Run the migration tool from a target vCloud Automation Center system on which the Model Manager Web Service component is installed.

Complete pre-migration. See Running the Pre-Migration Task.

Review the pre-migration report. See Using the Pre-Migration Report and Logs.

If needed, rerun pre-migration. See Rerun the Pre-Migration Task.

Perform all manual tasks that are required to be performed before starting migration. See Performing Manual Operations After Pre-Migration.

Verify that the Model Manager Web Service in the source and target systems remains online during pre-migration and migration.


Log in as a domain administrator on an IaaS system on which the target vCloud Automation Center system's Model Manager Web Service is installed.


Run the vCACMigration.exe migration tool.

The vCACMigration.exe file is located in the subfolder that was created when you ran the vCACMigrationTool.exe self-extracting executable file. The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMWare\vCACMigration.


Follow the prompts to the Migration Tasks page.


Click Migration on the Migration Tasks page.


Click Next.


Click Next to confirm that you completed the listed manual tasks.

If you did not complete these tasks, click Cancel, complete the manual tasks, and then restart migration.


Accept or reenter information for the target database, including SQL server name, target database name, and SQL or Windows authentication credentials.

Values are pre-populated with the target database values that you entered during pre-migration.


Click Next.


Click Check to perform the prerequisite check.


Click View Reports to view the migration prerequisite check report.


Address any errors or warnings you see in the prerequisite check report.


Review the information on the Ready to Run Migration page and click Start.

Allow the migration task to complete. Migration can take up to 2 hours to complete. Do not use the source or target systems until the migration task is finished.


When the migration task is finished, click the View Report link and review the migration report.

If the migration task finished successfully, migration is complete. Your source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 data is migrated to the target vCloud Automation Center 6.1 system and you are ready to review the reports and perform post-migration tasks.


Click Finish.

Migration is finished.

If the migration task did not finish successfully, see Rerunning Migration If Migration Did Not Finish.


Review the migration report. See Using the Migration Report and Logs.


Review the post migration tasks checklist and perform the needed tasks. See Performing Post-Migration Tasks Checklist.