vCloud Automation Center migration fails if the RepoUtil utility phase of IaaS assembly upgrade does not complete within the specified timeout period.

The upgrade phase of migration fails because the IaaS assembly upgrade utility did not finish in the specified timeout period. To correct the situation, increase the timeout period.

A sample timeout error message is as follows.

2014-09-18 10 43 07 843 :Started running command %AppData%\..\Local\Temp\vCAC-IaaS\version\RepoUtil.exe Assembly-Install -f %AppData%\..\Local\Temp\vCAC-IaaS\version\DynamicOps.UcsModel.Interface.dll" -v 2014-09-18 10 46 32 104 :System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out 2014-09-18 10 46 32 104 : at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse() . . . 2014-09-18 10 46 32 104 :Warning: Non-zero return code. Command failed. 2014-09-18 10 46 32 120 :Failed to deploy file DynamicOps.UcsModel.Interface.dll 2014-09-18 10 46 32 120 :Failed to deploy repository.

The timeout setting for the Repoutil utility is not long enough to allow all IaaS assemblies to be upgraded. To correct the problem, increase the timeout setting value (in seconds) in the configuration file and rerun migration.

You can increase the timeout value to address the problem. Use the following procedure to set a different timeout value. After you have specified the value, restart the migration tool and rerun the migration task.


Locate and open the RepoUtil.exe.config file for editing.


Find the repositoryTimeout line.


Set a new timeout value, for example 10 minutes specified as <add key="repositoryTimeout" value= "600" /> or 30 minutes, specified as <add key="repositoryTimeout" value= "1800" />.


Save and close the RepoUtil.exe.config file.


Start the vCACMigration.exe migration tool.


Follow the prompts and click Migration on the Migration Tasks page to rerun the migration task.