The migration task is designed to be run only once. If migration fails, you can troubleshoot using the logs and reports and rerun the migration task.

You can rerun migration only if the task did not finish, for example if the migration task was interrupted, stopped, or otherwise failed to finish successfully.

If you ran the migration task and it did not finish successfully, perform the following steps.


Review the migration report and logs to help you determine the problem. See Using the Migration Report and Logs.


Overwrite the target 6.1 database again with the source 5.2 database. See Replacing the Target vCloud Automation Center Database with the Source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 Database.


Rerun the migration task. See Run the Migration Task.

Starting the migration task again overwrites any data that the previous migration task started to migrate. Restarting the migration task does not resume where the task was interrupted or stopped.

If migration fails again, review the migration report and logs again and take corrective action. Corrective action might require that you restart the overall migration process with a clean source database, which involves removing tables that were added by the pre-migration task. For information about removing tables from the source database that were added by the pre-migration task, see Cleaning Up Migration Tables in Source 5.2 Database.

If you encounter problems after migration, or migration did not finish successfully, you can shut down the target vCloud Automation Center system and restart the source vCloud Automation Center 5.2 system.