Migration creates entitlements based on vCloud Automation Center 5.2 blueprint settings.

Blueprint management, including approval and entitlement management, has changed. For more information, see Changes from vCloud Automation Center 5.2 and Foundations and Concepts in vCloud Automation Center documentation. The Changes from vCloud Automation Center 5.2 PDF is available online with the 6.0 documentation.

The migration process creates a service named Infrastructure in the target system. Enabled blueprints are published to this service during migration. You can add services after migration is finished.

An entitlement is created for each business group, in which all possible actions are listed and available.

Entitlements are also created for business groups based on access settings specified in blueprints that belong to, or are associated with, that business group. If a blueprint's access is set to everyone, the blueprint is added to the catalog and it is entitled for everyone in the associated business group. If a blueprint's access is not set to everyone, the blueprint is added to the catalog and only entitled for the designated members of the associated business group.

The following entitlements are created for each business group when an associated blueprint has no restrictions on its security tab.

BusinessGroupName Group

BusinessGroupName Actions

An additional entitlement is created for each restricted blueprint, for example BusinessGroupName BlueprintName Blueprint.

In addition to these basic entitlements that are created for every business group, an entitlement is created for each restricted blueprint. For example, if Blueprint A is unrestricted and available to everyone in the group and Blueprint B is restricted to a subset group of users in the Accounting department, an entitlement is created that is available to everyone in the business group. Another entitlement is created for, and only available to, the Accounting department subset of the group. If no unrestricted blueprints exist, only the Group and Actions entitlements are created for the business group.

After migration, the tenant administrator can display entitlements by selecting Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements. Information about the entitlements is available on the Details and Items and Approvals tabs.

Resource actions are added to the entitlements. Only the resource actions that are available for a user in the business group are available for that user's resources, such as machines that the user has provisioned or has the authority to provision. All resource actions are entitled, including VMware Remote Console enablement for vSphere systems.

Consider reducing the number of provisioning groups and special case blueprints before migration to keep the number of migrated entitlements to a minimum. In addition to the two standard entitlements, an entitlement is also created for each blueprint for which restricted access is configured.

The following considerations are helpful to further understand how entitlements are migrated:

Approval policies are linked to entitlements.

Blueprints that are entitled or assigned to more than one group are published with a shared scope.

Entitlements are created with an active status.

Entitlements cannot be deleted, although they can be deactivated.

Blueprints that are disabled are migrated but are not published to the catalog or listed as an entitled catalog item on the Entitlements page.

If a business group has no blueprints, the migration process does not create entitlements for that business group.

For more information about entitlements, see Migrating Blueprints and Migrating Approval Policies.

For information about how to create and use entitlements in vCloud Automation Center 6.1, see Tenant Administration in the vCloud Automation Center documentation.