The migration tool contains the pre-migration and the migration tasks. Options to run in silent mode or in the command line interface are not available. While you can run the pre-migration task multiple times, the migration task is designed to be run only once.

Run the migration tool from a target vCloud Automation Center system on which the Model Manager Web Service component is installed.

When you run the migration tool and specify the pre-migration task, you are prompted for information about the source and target systems. When pre-migration is finished, the tool provides a link to the pre-migration report. Review the report to determine if you are ready to proceed to the next stage in the migration process, or if you need to complete additional tasks and rerun pre-migration. The tool also informs you of external tasks that you must complete before you start migration and provides a link to the appropriate product documentation.

When you run the migration tool and specify the migration task, you are prompted to run a prerequisite check. The prerequisite check generates an initial report that contains information about your readiness to migrate. It also provides a link to the migration report. After you review the report and choose to proceed, the migration task migrates your data. When migration is finished, the tool again provides a link to the updated migration report.