It is a best practice to create a backup of the source SQL database before you start the migration process. Back up the vCloud Automation Center 5.2 SQL database using your preferred method of database backup. When you back up the source database before you start the migration process, you allow more time for the migration tool and post-migration tasks in your migration downtime window.

This task assumes that you are using the step sequence published by Microsoft to back up and restore a SQL database by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.


You can also create a backup and snapshot of your source system before you start migration, however the migration process does not make any changes to the source system.

The backed up database extension should be .bak.

The procedure to back up and restore a SQL database is described in the following Microsoft Developer Network documentation topics.

Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases

Create a Full Database Backup (SQL Server)

Restore a Database Backup (SQL Server Management Studio)

For more information about backing up databases, see System Administration.