Approval policies are not migrated. You can recreate approval policies in vCloud Automation Center 6.1 after you complete the pre-migration task or the migration task. Recreating approval policies in the target system before you start the migration task saves time that you would otherwise spend in recreating the approval policies during post-migration.

Migration creates a single, default policy that is configured to require only the approval of the business group manager. The migration process adds the approval policy to each catalog item entitlement for each blueprint that had an approval configured in the source system.

For related information, see Migrating Approval Policies.

As a tenant administrator, you can log in to the target vCloud Automation Center system and set up advanced approval policies after pre-migration is finished and before you start migration. However, any configuration work that you perform in the Infrastructure tab is overwritten during migration. You can also recreate approval policies after migration is finished. Assign approval policies in entitlements after migration is finished.

You perform the following procedure to recreate approval policies.


Open the pre-migration report.

The pre-migration and migration reports are located in the reports subdirectory of the directory in which the downloaded migration tool is extracted.


Determine which approval policies to recreate in vCloud Automation Center 6.1.


Recreate the approval policies in the target system.

For detailed information about how to create approval policies, see Tenant Administration in the vCloud Automation Center documentation.

Do not edit or create entitlements in the target system until the migration task is finished. After the migration task is finished, open the entitlements for the business group and select Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements to assign the policy to the entitlements. For information about entitling users to services, see Tenant Administration.