Distributed Execution Manager and agent information, including DEM skills, migrates from vCloud Automation Center 5.2 to the target system and is captured in reports.

Distributed Execution Manager Worker and Distributed Execution Manager Orchestrator information is migrated.

For successful migration, DEM and agent names that you specify during vCloud Automation Center installation must match the names used in the source system.

Name matches retain DEM skill settings and associations. Name matches are not always required for agents, but an agent is required for each endpoint. The pre-migration task generates warnings in the pre-migration report when it finds DEM and agent names in the source that do not have a match in the target, but these warnings do not prevent the task from finishing successfully.


To ensure that the pre-migration report does not erroneously report that agents are missing in the target system, configure an endpoint for each agent in the target system before you start the migration tool. If the message appears in the pre-migration report and a matching agent does exist in the target system, configure an endpoint for the agent in the target system and then rerun pre-migration. Otherwise, ignore the message and configure an endpoint when migration is finished.

Guest agent information is migrated but some post-migration work might be required. See Recreating ISOs and Templates That Contain a Guest Agent.