You use custom properties to control aspects of the machines that users can provision.

Some properties are determined by standard settings that you must specify for all machines. For example, memory and disk size values are required for all blueprints. You can specify additional properties individually or in build profiles in blueprints and in reservations. Use custom properties to add values or override existing or default values for the following information.

Machine operating system

Virtualization platform

Build settings such as disk size

Integration with an external system

When you add a property to a blueprint or a build profile, you can mark it as a required property. When a property is specified as required, the user must provide a value for that property when they request a machine, such as in the following examples.

Require information about multiple disks sharing the machine’s allocated storage.

Require information about users or groups to be added to a local group on the machine.

Require the host name of the machine.

The applications' manager service records property values in the vCloud Automation Center database. The guest agent also records them on the provisioned machine in the following files.