vCloud Automation Center includes custom properties that you can use to provide additional controls for BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager integration.

Custom Properties Required for BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager Integrations

Custom Property



Specifies the type of external provisioning infrastructure.


Set to True to enable BMC BladeLogic integration.


Specifies the name of the external provisioning infrastructure server, for example, the name of the server hosting BMC BladeLogic. If at least one general BMC EPI agent was installed without specifying a BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager host, this value directs the request to the desired server.

If only dedicated BMC EPI agents for specific BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager hosts were installed, this value must exactly match the server name configured for one of these agents.


Specifies the name of the default authentication profile on the BMC BladeLogic server.


Specifies the location in BMC BladeLogic of software jobs to be deployed. This value must match either the appropriate field in Website\Software.txt or the appropriate value of VRM.Software.IdNNNN, depending on the method used to prepare software jobs for integration.


Specifies the vCenter Server guest operating system version (VirtualMachineGuestOsIdentifier) with which vCenter Server creates the machine. This operating system version must match the operating system version to be installed on the provisioned machine. Administrators can create build profiles using one of several property sets, for example, VMware[OS_Version]Properties, that are predefined to include the correct VMware.VirtualCenter.OperatingSystem values. This property is for virtual provisioning.

For a list of currently accepted values, see the VMware vCenter Server documentation.

Configure BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager jobs for vCloud Automation Center integrations. Make all software jobs available to machine requesters to select from, or specify a software job to apply to all machines provisioned from the blueprint.

Custom Properties to Make Software Jobs Available

Custom Property



Set to True to make the software jobs listed in Website\Software.txt available to the user requesting the machine.


Specifies a software job or policy to be applied to all machines provisioned from the blueprint. Set the value to job_type=job_path, where job_type is the numeral that represents the BMC BladeLogic job type and job_path is the location of the job in BMC BladeLogic, for example 4=/Utility/putty. NNNN is a number from 1000 to 1999.

1 — AuditJob
2 — BatchJob
3 — ComplianceJob
4 — DeployJob
5 — FileDeployJob
6 — NSHScriptJob
7 — PatchAnalysisJob
8 — SnapshotJob

You can also use optional custom properties that are commonly used with BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager blueprints.

Optional Custom Properties for BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager Integrations




Specifies the number of seconds to wait before adding the machine to BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager. The default is 30.


Specifies the number of seconds to wait before retrying if the first attempt to add the machine to BMC BladeLogic Configuration Manager is unsuccessful. The default is 100.