vCloud Automation Center includes custom properties that you can use to provide additional controls for basic workflow blueprints.

Custom Properties for Basic Workflow Blueprints

Custom Property



Set to False to provision the machine without a CD-ROM device. The default is True.


Determines whether thin provisioning is used on ESX compute resources using local or iSCSI storage. Set to True to use thin provisioning. Set to False to use standard provisioning. This property is for virtual provisioning.


Specifies a storage reservation policy to find storage for disk N. Also assigns a storage reservation policy to a volume. To use this property, substitute the volume number for N in the property name and specify a storage reservation policy as the value. This property is equivalent to the Storage Reservation Policy drop-down menu in the Volumes list on the Build Information tab of the blueprint page. Disk numbering must be sequential. This property is valid for all virtual reservations and vCloud Director. This property is not valid for physical reservations and cloud reservations other than vCloud Director, such as Amazon or Open Stack.


Specifies the VM hardware version to be used for vSphere settings. Supported values are currently vmx-04, vmx-07, vmx-08, vmx-09 and vmx-10. This property is applicable for VM Create and VM Update workflows and is available only for basic workflow blueprints.