The custom properties for networking specify configuration for a specific network device on a machine.


This information does not apply to Amazon Web Services.

By default a virtual machine has one network device configured with custom properties named VirtualMachine.Network0.*. For example, the name of the network for the default network device is specified in the VirtualMachine.Network0.Name property. Additional network devices can be configured on machines by specifying properties named VirtualMachine.Network1.*, and so on.

The numbering of network properties must be sequential, starting with 0. For example, if you specify custom properties for only VirtualMachine.Network0 and VirtualMachine.Network2, the properties for VirtualMachine.Network2 are ignored, because the preceding network, VirtualMachine.Network1 was not specified.

Custom Properties for Networking Configuration

Custom Property



Specifies the IP address of a network device N in a machine provisioned with a static IP address.


Indicates whether the MAC address of network device N is auto-generated or user-defined. This property is available for cloning.

The default value is generated. If the value is static, you must also use VirtualMachine.NetworkN.MacAddress to specify the MAC address.


Specifies the MAC address of a network device N. This property is available for cloning.

If the value of VirtualMachine.NetworkN.MacAddressType is generated, this property contains the generated address.

If the value of VirtualMachine.Network.N.MacAddressType is static, this property specifies the MAC address. For virtual machines provisioned on ESX server hosts, the address must be in the range specified by VMware. For details, see vSphere documentation.


Specifies the network to which a network device N in a virtual machine is attached.

By default, a network is assigned from the network paths available on the reservation on which the machine is provisioned.

You can ensure that a network device is connected to a specific network by setting the value of this property to the name of a network on an available reservation.


Specifies the port ID to use for network device N when using a dvPort group with a vSphere distributed switch.


Specifies the name of a network profile from which to assign a static IP address to network device Nor from which to obtain the range of static IP addresses that can be assigned to network device N of a cloned machine, where N=0 for the first device, 1 for the second, and so on.

If a network profile is specified in the network path in the reservation on which the machine is provisioned, a static IP address is assigned from that network profile. You can ensure that a static IP address is assigned from a specific profile by setting the value of this property to the name of a network profile.









Configures attributes of the network profile specified in VirtualMachine.NetworkN.ProfileName.