Fabric administrators and IaaS administrators can use the Infrastructure Organizer to organize compute resources into fabric groups, assign cost profiles to compute resources, import existing virtual machines, and associate imported machines with business groups.

Depending on your role or combination of roles, you can leverage different capabilities of the Infrastructure Organizer.

Choosing an Infrastructure Organizer Scenario




Assign cost profiles to your compute resources and organize them into fabric groups. If you have business group manager privileges, you can continue with the Infrastructure Organizer Wizard to import existing virtual machines.

IaaS Administrator

IaaS administrators do not have access to the Infrastructure Organizer. However, you can create a fabric group and nominate yourself as the fabric administrator so that you can leverage the organizer to quickly place your compute resources into fabric groups. See Organize Compute Resources and Import Existing Virtual Machines.

Assign cost profiles to your compute resources and import existing virtual machines.

Fabric Administrator and Business Group Manager

Import Existing Virtual Machines.