Fabric administrators, tenant administrators, and business group managers have different concerns when it comes to resource monitoring. Because of this, vCloud Automation Center allows you to monitor different facets of resource usage.

For example, a fabric administrator is concerned with monitoring the resource consumption of reservations and compute resources, whereas a tenant administrator is concerned with the resource usage of the provisioning groups within a tenant. Depending on your role and the specific resource usage you want to monitor, vCloud Automation Center allows you different ways to track resource consumption.

Choose a Resource Monitoring Scenario

Resource Monitoring Scenario

Privileges Required


Monitor the amount of physical storage and memory on your compute resources that is currently being consumed and determine what amount remains free. You can also monitor the number of reserved and allocated machines provisioned on each compute resource.

Fabric Administrator (monitor resource usage on compute resources in your fabric group)

Infrastructure > Compute Resources > Compute Resources

Monitor physical machines that are reserved for use but not yet provisioned.

Fabric Administrator

Infrastructure > Machines > Reserved Machines

Monitor machines that are currently provisioned and under vCloud Automation Center management.

Fabric Administrator

Infrastructure > Machines > Managed Machines

Monitor the amount of storage, memory, and machine quota of your reservation that is currently allocated and determine the capacity that remains available to the reservation.

Fabric Administrator (monitor resource usage for reservations on your compute resources and physical machines)

Infrastructure > Reservations > Reservations

Monitor the amount of storage, memory, and the machine quota that your business groups are currently consuming and determine the capacity that remains on reserve for them.

Tenant Administrator (monitor resource usage for all groups in your tenant)

Business Group Manager (monitor resource usage for groups that you manage)

Infrastructure > Groups > Business Groups

You can also add resource monitoring portlets to your vCloud Automation Center homepage to monitor different resource usage statistics. See Tenant Administration.