Tenant administrators and business group managers can use the custom property VirtualMachine.DiskN.StorageReservationPolicyMode to prevent provisioning from failing in the case of insufficient space on the datastores in a storage reservation policy. This custom property is set to allow vCloud Automation Center to choose a datastore outside the specified storage reservation policy in cases where there is not sufficient space remaining on the datastores in the policy.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a fabric administrator or business group manager.

Create a vSphere, KVM (RHEV), or SCVMM create, clone, or FlexClone blueprint that uses a storage reservation policy. See Choosing a Storage Scenario.


Select Infrastructure > Blueprints > Blueprints.


Point to the blueprint for which you want to allow alternative datastores and click Edit.


Click the Properties tab.


Click New Property.


Type VirtualMachine.DiskN.StorageReservationPolicyMode in the Name text box.

N is the index (starting at 0) of the volume.


Type the Not Exact in the Value text box.

Exact restricts provisioning to the datastores in the storage reservation policy. This is the default.


(Optional) Select the Encrypted check box to encrypt the custom property in the database.


(Optional) Select the Prompt user check box to require the user to provide a value when they request a machine.

If you choose to prompt the user for a value, any value you provide for the custom property is presented to the user as the default. If you do not provide a default, the user cannot continue with the machine request until they provide a value for the custom property.


Click the Save icon (Save).


Click OK.