Depending on your environment and the methods of provisioning your fabric administrators have prepared, there are several procedures available to create the blueprint for your needs.

Unless otherwise noted in the Choosing a Blueprint Scenario table, all of these provisioning methods require preparation by your fabric administrators before you can create a blueprint and provision machines. Please contact your fabric administrators to determine which provisioning methods they have prepared for you.

Choosing a Blueprint Scenario


Supported Platforms


Custom Properties

Provision machines with no guest operating system. You can install an operating system after provisioning.

This option does not require any pre-provisioning preparations.


Create a Blueprint for the Basic Workflow

Custom Properties for Basic Workflow Blueprints

Provision machines by cloning from a template object created from an existing Windows or Linux machine, called the reference machine, and a customization specification.




Create a Blueprint for Cloning

Custom Properties for Clone Blueprints

Provision a space-efficient copy of a virtual machine called a linked clone. Linked clones are based on a snapshot of a VM and use a chain of delta disks to track differences from a parent machine.


Create a Linked Clone Blueprint

Custom Properties for Linked Clone Blueprints

Provision a space-efficient copy of a virtual machine by using Net App FlexClone technology.


Create a Blueprint for Net App FlexClone Provisioning

Custom Properties for FlexClone Blueprints

Provision a machine by booting from an ISO image, using a kickstart or autoYaSt configuration file and a Linux distribution image to install the operating system on the machine.


Create a Blueprint for Linux Kickstart Provisioning

Custom Properties for Linux Kickstart Blueprints

Provision a machine and pass control to an SCCM task sequence to boot from an ISO image, deploy a Windows operating system, and install the vCloud Automation Center guest agent.


Create a Blueprint for SCCM Provisioning

Custom Properties for SCCM Blueprints

Provision a machine by booting into a WinPE environment and installing an operating system using a Windows Imaging File Format (WIM) image of an existing Windows reference machine.


Create a Blueprint for WIM Provisioning

Custom Properties for WIM Blueprints