If you are working with a vSphere environment, you can provision a space-efficient copy of a virtual machine called a linked clone. Linked clones are based on a snapshot of a VM and use a chain of delta disks to track differences from a parent machine. Linked clones are provisioned quickly, reduce storage cost, and are ideal to use when performance is not a high priority.

You can create a vSphere linked clone blueprint by using any vSphere virtual machine you manage as a parent machine. Tenant administrators can create linked clone blueprints from any of the virtual machines in their infrastructure, and business group managers can create linked clone blueprints from any of the virtual machines requested by users in their business group.

Log in to the vCloud Automation Center console as a tenant administrator or business group manager.

A snapshot of a virtual machine. These do not have to be created in vCloud Automation Center. Snapshots created in vCenter Server are discovered during inventory data collection.


Blueprint information settings control who can access a blueprint, how many machines they can provision with it, and how long to archive a machine once the lease period is over.


The build information settings determine how a machine is provisioned.


Machine resource settings control the resources consumed by a machine provisioned with your blueprint.


Adding custom properties to a blueprint gives you detailed control over provisioned machines.


Use blueprint actions and entitlements together to maintain detailed control over provisioned machines.

Publish your blueprint to make it available as a catalog item. See Publish a Blueprint.

Optionally, you can add a storage reservation policy or a single datastore to your linked clone blueprint. See Choosing a Storage Scenario.